Sunset Halter Top


A gorgeous high neck halter top with a small opening in the front and detailed cross back tie. Perfect for just about anything, this top offers function, coverage, comfort, and versatility. The high neck, cross back combination makes this style extremely secure and comfortable during activities, so active ladies of all cup sizes (up to DD) can wear this top all day without worry of falling out or discomfort from pressure on the neck. The top can be tied in two different styles, doubling as a unique and fashionable crop top!

To view the color and print variations for this suit: First click your size,  and then click on each color you would like to see.
Extra Small
Blue Lagoon
Palmz Bikini
Maui Bikinis Paradise


Bra Size:
AA to A = Extra Small
A to small B = Small
B to small C = Medium
C to small D = Large
D and up = XL

Pant Size:
0 to 2 = Extra Small
3,4,5 = Small
6,7,8 = Medium
9,10,11 = Large
12 and up = XL