Paige Alms Top


Paige Alms is a 2-time WSL Women’s Big Wave World Champion, and a two-time Pe’ahi Challenge Champion. She grew up on the island of Maui and travels the world year-round pushing the level of women’s surfing to new heights. She loves being in the water everyday whether it be surfing, diving, or just going for a swim.

Paige has exclusively used Pakaloha Bikinis for over 15 years and trust the quality of our products to keep up with her very active lifestyle. She continues to push herself to ride the biggest waves possible and hopes by doing so she can inspire others to push their own limits and live their dreams. Paige believes that empowered women can empower other women, so she trains hard, pushes boundaries, and carries the torch for women in big wave surfing.

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Bra Size:
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9,10,11 = Large
12 and up = XL