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Pakaloha Wildlife Corner: Dolphin Quiz


Easily the most popular animal in the ocean is the Dolphin. Fun loving, charming, beautiful, intelligent creatures, people from around the world come to Hawaii just to see dolphins!

But how much do you know about dolphins? Test your knowledge with these dolphin trivia questions.

  1. What do you call a group of Dolphins
  • A:A Squad
  • B: A Pod
  • C: A Party
  1. What do Dolphins eat?
  • A. Fish
  • B. Algae
  • C. People
  1. Dolphins are
  • A. Fish
  • B. Reptiles
  • C. Mammals
  1. Dolphins live
  • A. In Rivers
  • B. In The Sea
  • C. All of the Above
  1. How deep can a dolphin dive?
  • A. 500 ft
  • B. 750 ft
  • C. 1000 ft

Answer Key: B. A. C . C . C.

How many did you guess right? Did you learn anything about Dolphins? There are so many more facts to learn about these fascinating creatures. (Did you know they have two stomachs? Me either!) What is your favorite fact? Here at Pakaloha we love these magical creatures. What is your favorite sea animal?

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Mermaids 101


Needless to say, Mermaids are having a moment. I’ve been unable to resist snapping up every mermaid shirt around for…three years now… and I’m so glad that everyone else around me seems to have mermaid fever as well.

For the ladies who also want to move under the sea, we at Pakaloha have created a brand new print just for you.

So in honor of Pakaloha’s new print, I’ve put together a brief history of mermaids.

Mermaids have appeared in legends all over the world. From Africa to Asia, women with fish tails have appeared in folktales, myths, and the sailor’s stories for centuries.

The most popular mermaid story is, of course, Hans Christian Anderson’s ‘The Little Mermaid’. We’ve all seen the famous Disney movie, where Ariel trades her voice for a pair of legs. (Bad deal, in my opinion). But how many of you guys have read the super tragic original version? (Spoiler alert: she dies).

The first stories of mermaids are fromermaidddssssm Assyria, about a goddess who took the form of a fish after the death of her mortal lover. (And I thought my last breakup was dramatic!) Even the waters could not hide her divine beauty, so she settled on a compromise and became a mermaid instead.

Many people associate mermaids with their beautiful singing voices…a trait influenced by the Sirens of Greek mythology. Fun fact: Sirens are actually bird women! Known for seducing men with their enchanting voices, they lead sailors to their doom by leading them to sink their boats. Mermaids have also been associated with this, and there are legends of bloodthirsty mermaids lurking off the coast of Scotland, Africa, and Japan! There are also stories of mermaids saving sailors, or teaching humans new kinds of medicine.

But mermaids and sirens are not the only women that live under the water: the Scottish Selkie, the French Melusine, and the Russian Rusalka are only a few varieties of water-dwelling women around the world.

The Selkie is the most famous of these. They are women who turn into seals and live beneath the waves. When they return to their human form on the shore, they leave seal skins behind. They say that if you can find a Selkie’s skin, you will keep the Selkie from returning to the sea. Rumors abound with the tragic stories of fishermen who commit this crime.

Some even say they have seen real mermaids. Sailors claim to have seen mermaids off the sides of their ships for centuries. Many believe that sailors were only seeing manatees or dolphins, and that time away from land had made them…optimistic. As recently as 1842, people believed that mermaids were real, and famous circus operator P.T. Barnum had one! The Fiji Mermaid was displayed in New York for a year before being destroyed in a fire. Mr. Barnum claimed it was a mummified mermaid caught off the coast of Fiji…I have my doubts.

You can order Pakaloha’s mermaid print in any of our amazing styles. What kind of mermaid will you be?

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6 Pointers for an Awesome Photo

Rule of Thirds

Ladies, if there is anything we can all agree on, it is the importance of an awesome photo for social media. Whether Facebook, Instagram, or even Twitter is your platform of choice, we all like to look our best online. I’m going to assume most of us take our photos with our phones…or, let’s be real, shove our phones into our friends, boyfriends or even mother’s (guilty as charged) hands.

So without further ado, here are my 5 top tips for looking your best and taking your ideal photographs.

  • Embrace the Rule of Thirds

If you want an easy illustration of the rule of thirds, turn on your phone’s grid function for photos. The rule of thirds

is the idea that you should mentally split your pictures up into three parts…and place your subject to the right or left. It draws the eye into the photo and makes your composition more interesting.

  • Engage your Core

No matter how body confident we are, all of us have insecurities and worries about how we look in a bikini. An easy trick to flatten up your stomach for a photo is to engNatural Lightage your abs…yes even if you think you don’t have them. You have muscles there (I promise) and flexing them into a flat board will make you look more confident and improve your posture in photos.

  • Stare into the Sun

I’m joking…sort of. Pay attention to the light in your photos. Where is it coming from, and how best can you harness the power of that sunny day at the beach? Facing the sun is a surefire way of guaranteeing good light in any photo. Of course, we would all take our photos at golden hour if we could, and all look like glorious sun goddesses, but sometimes we must compromise. Bonus tip: if you can’t handle all that light in your face, sunglasses always look good with a bikini.

  • Use Natural Light

As much as possible, use natural light. I can’t tell you the science of why, but natural lighting makes a photo look cleaner and brighter than one taken with a light bulb.   Obviously, golden hour is my favorite time to take a photo, but there are all kinds of beautiful photos to be taken at different times of the day.

  • Saturate Those Colors

It took me an embarrassingly long time to realize you could edit your photos right on your phone. True story- your iPhone (or Android) has a lot of powerful tools to brighten your photos, change colors around, crop, rotate, and make you look your best. (Slightly) increasing your saturation is a great way of making your photo really pop.

  • Have Fun!

This one is very important: do not forget to have fun. You are at the beach, or on a hike, or maybe even at home in your yard (again, guilty as charged). Photos are great, but what’s really important is the memories you create. Look back and remember today as a great day at the beach, no matter how your photos come out.

And make sure to tag us on Instagram! We love to feature our Pakaloha girls in our feed.

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10 Reasons To Rock A Pakaloha Bikini This Summer

In a world of infinite bikini options, the hunt for perfect summer swimwear can often feel endless! I want to save your time this season and share why I believe you need not look any further than Hawaii-based swim company, Pakaloha Bikinis.

Here’s 10 reasons I’ll be sporting a Pakaloha Bikini this summer…and why you should too:

Before and after Pakaloha Bikinis

1. Confidence- Carefully designed to celebrate the shape of all women’s bodies, their styles truly enhance our favorite assets and ensure a sense of self-flattery from the moment you look in the mirror.

2. Comfort- Crafted with the intention of encouraging active lifestyles and epic adventures, Pakaloha understands the significance of not only looking good, but most importantly, feeling good. As a result, they deliver styles that rest so easily on the body that even after your adventure ends, you seriously will not want to take them off!

3. Rainbows- From a vibrant rainbow of solids to varying seasonal prints, there’s color choices for everyone! To simply brighten your day, step inside one of their stores, located on Maui and O’ahu, to shop the rainbow and get fitted by their team of bikini experts.

4. Versatility- Some of their designs allow multiple style variations. For example, the Ho’okipa Top can be tied 7 different ways…because who doesn’t love options?

2016 Big Wave Champion, Paige Alms, putting faith in Pakaloha’s tagline “Built For The Barrel”

5. Tan lines- With the cutest cuts and coverage choices, their suits are ideal for bronzing; leaving a trace of a perfect Brazilian bikini.

6. Durability- Tried and trusted by water women around the world, the strength of their bikinis seems incomparable! Constructed out of the best lycra material available, you can count on their bikinis to stay in place on your body. If team rider, Paige Alms, can depend on her Pakaloha while riding down the face of Jaws, I think we can too.

10 years later, this bikini still has its beach days

7. Longevity- Thanks to the strength of materials used, with proper care, their bikinis can be worn season after season. Pictured right is Pakaloha’s owner, Julie, wearing one of the first bikinis they ever created…10 years later!

8. Affordability- Even with the high quality products they’re sharing, they choose to keep prices low in an effort to spread their love as far and wide as possible.

9. Ohana- When you sport a Pakaloha Bikini, you become part of a tribe of women who encourage self-love, strength, and empowerment. Their Hawaii designs are globally unique so if you see a fellow Pakaloha girl, be sure to say hello! By choosing to shop with Pakaloha, you’re also supporting a small business that strives to give back to it’s local communities.

10. Piece of Paradise- As a reminder of your memories made in the tropics, Pakaloha Bikinis are excellent keepsakes to take home from the islands and to bring you back to the land of aloha each time you slip it on.

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Protect With Raw Before It’s The Law

Protect With Raw, Before It’s The Law

Many residents of the Hawaiian Islands have been pursuing the passing of SB1150 SD2 HD1, a bill which will prohibit the use or application of sunscreen and cosmetics containing oxybenzone while on the beach or in the ocean.

Numerous studies testing the effects of sunscreens on coral reefs have verified that while protecting humans from the sun’s UV rays, the active ingredient, oxybenzone, causes detrimental destruction to reefs.

Researchers explain that chemicals present in these products can awaken coral viruses which can lead to the coral becoming sick and expelling their life-giving algae. Without these algae, the coral “bleaches,” or turns white, and often dies. Oxybenzone is also a culprit of DNA damage within the coral, which can result in deformities, as well as inhibiting its ability to reproduce.

Worldwide, as many as 3,500 sunscreens contain oxybenzone and according to a study published in the Archives of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology, it’s been estimated that up to 14,000 tons of sunscreen are entering coral reef areas each year.

To fully discern the severity of this impact, it must be known that coral reefs account for the livelihood, food, and income of millions around the world. The reefs that encompass coastal regions are significant for providing fishing abundance, influencing tourism, serving as coastal protection, governing climate, and are home to a boundless array of beautiful and diverse wildlife. The devastation of these harmful products, may begin in the reefs, but its effects are sure to be felt far above sea level.

For many, the knowledge of this issue lies veiled by the depths of the ocean, but the citizens active in securing the passing of this bill, hold firm hope in halting the cycle of coral abuse, while generating an awareness and respect for the ocean among inhabitants of the Hawaiian Islands and beyond.

While voicing insight on this matter, Pakaloha Bikini’s owner and O’ahu resident, Julie Dahl, grieved in saying, “My soul cries for this negligence. It should be banned here on the islands all together. If I can’t eat it, it doesn’t belong on your skin” While everyone at Pakaloha Bikini’s is hoping that this ban will be in effect as soon as possible, they sought out an immediate solution to renounce their role in pollution contribution. Their quest was deemed victorious upon discovering an impeccable alternative to sun protection; Raw Elements sunscreen. Raw Elements is a Certified Natural sunscreen that is gentle enough for infant use and dynamic enough to meet the performance demands of  extreme athletes. Utilizing zinc oxide as the sole active ingredient,  Raw Elements grants organic, sun protection that’s both reef and eco friendly.

Once opting for this natural selection, it’s effortless to safely enjoy the sunshine and ocean, in it’s accord, without any guilt or toxic chemicals. Ocean visitors who choose to compassionately make a shift in the products being applied to their skin and share information on the significance of this issue, are pioneering the foundations necessary for rebuilding insurance of the health, safety, and prosperity of future generations.

Raw Elements sunscreen is available for purchase in various forms at the three Pakaloha Bikini’s locations in Haleiwa, Lahaina, and Paia.

Purchase Raw Elements online here:

For more information regarding bills that affect coral reefs in Hawai’i  and how to take action in the movement of banning toxic sunscreens, read more here:


By: Ashley Stanulis

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On Sunday, January 29th, Maui water women of all ages gathered at Launiupoko Beach for the 4th annual XOXO beach festival. The event has been organized with the aim to educate, empower, and spark the stoke of all the young attendees. Led by Maui locals Kelly Potts, Pakaloha team rider Paige Alms, Marina Daian, Ashley Baxter and Tatiana Howard, the XOXO was a day devoted to learning, creating friendships, and most importantly, having fun!

The morning of the event began with uncertainty for some. Rain was blanketing the island and there was heavy wind dancing with the shore at Launiupoko. Upon arrival, one of the first observations that the girls were able to make was that the surf conditions were poor and potentially unsafe with strong currents and an overpowering breeze. Event facilitator, Kelly Potts, stated “If we weren’t counting on over 50 girls showing up and hadn’t planned the event for an entire year, I would’ve cancelled. Boy was I glad we stuck it out.” Sticking out the elements seemed effortless to the very adaptable and driven group of girls. Luckily, everyone brought a ray of light in their smiles and optimism in their spirit that made the unruly weather conditions seem minor.

After set-up and sign-in, the first planned activity was jar decorating. Each of the girls got a chance to customize their beverage container for the day with stickers from the event sponsors and art supplies to add a personal touch. The idea behind the glass jars was to encourage the re-use of the materials to make the event itself more sustainable by aiding in reducing the potential for future waste. As lovers of the Aina, the women who organized this event allowed their personal values to thread throughout the day’s discussions. One shared value that each of these women maintain is a devotion to doing everything in their power to respect the Earth by practicing conscious consumption and working to spark this concern in others.

After the girls had their chance to get crafty, it was time to get geared up in the Pakaloha tent. Pakaloha Bikinis gifted each of the girls a surf-friendly piece of swimwear and a signature mermaid hat for shade and, of course, style.

From here, all the women circled together for the official opening ceremony. Sharing introductions with a fun ice breaker game, this gave everyone a chance to connect with their lead and junior coaches as well as with each other. While huddled together, you could feel a sense of inspiration flowing among all of the girls. The coaches shared their personal intentions for participating in the XOXO as well as what they hope to contribute and have the attendees gain from their presence. A common motive was that the girls would gain enthusiasm and motivation to work hard and chase their dreams while maintaining an emphasis on personal happiness and empowering others along the way.

Following the powerful opening, it was time to get moving! Athletic trainers Samantha Campbell and Lindsey Dennis, from Deep 2 Peak, led the group through a dynamic warm-up to get everyone ready for the active afternoon ahead. In addition to the physical practice, the girls discussed the importance of properly preparing their bodies for intense exercises and how preventative practices such as thoroughly warming up is working in accord to what is best for their body, which will result in operating at a greater capacity for strength, endurance,  and overall health. By this time in the day, the powerful winds were beginning to mellow and the surf was cleaning up. The anticipation of getting in the water was noticeably growing and it was becoming clear that the girls were all going to get what they came for….waves!

Before hitting the water, the group lined the shore for a surf lesson from the Maui Surfer Girls. Starting with the basics, the class talked about where waves come from and how they are formed, as well as understanding the wind’s ability to direct the currents. Another fundamental topic discussed was finding the best places to paddle out and finding land markers to line up with the peak. After emphasizing ocean safety and general surf etiquette, the focus moved to the business on the board. The girls learned to find their “sweet spot” on the board and as well as tips to remember such as “low you go, tall you fall” and “always throwing a shaka.” While this day was a surfing first for some, many of the girls were already active wave riders. For this group, they spent time focusing on more progressive cues. These included learning to lean back to engage fins and forward to accelerate, as well as using eye contact and their front hand to direct turns. They even reviewed getting back down on your board after each ride and called this part finishing like a pro! The Maui Surfer girls shared their insight and passion to accomplish the goal of ensuring the girls were becoming aware and responsible surfers.

As the surf training came to a close and it was time to fuel up. A healthy and lively lunch was served compliments of Flat Bread Company Pizza, Maui Catering Service, and fresh greens harvested from Leeward farms. Lunch was yet another opportunity to shed light on the importance of self-care and practicing mindfulness and gratitude. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that lunch time also meant play time. The girls had an opportunity to turn their cruise control on for a bit. By then, the sun was also ready to come out and play.

A group gathered on the beach to enjoy the show as a pod of dolphins was frolicking on the horizon.

After lunch, the sun was high in the sky, and the girls were geared up, warmed up, and fueled up. With boards in hand, they flocked toward the shore line and began paddling out to the breaks.The afternoon’s lessons certainly proved to have paid off. Everyone in the water was catching waves, having a blast, and getting sun soaked and surf stoked.

Post-surf, the girls filled out a short questionnaire asking the following questions:

  • What goals do you hope to have accomplished by this time next year?
  • What is something new that you learned today?
  • What are you grateful for?

The questionnaire was collected to be revisited by the girls at next year’s XOXO. Setting goals and paying attention to progress is a significant aspect of ambitiously staying motivated in moving forward on their targeted path. It was understood by the girls that their personal choices direct their dreams from imagination to reality. These questions were aimed to provoke ambition and give the girls time to reflect upon and integrate everything they learned that day.

To close the event, the girls had an opportunity to collect autographs from their professional lead coaches and a lei ceremony was held to express a final sense of togetherness, thanks, and triumph. For the concluding lesson, everyone collected and loaded up the boards to prepare for departure. Each girl left with an even brighter smile and more uplifted spirit than she arrived with. The 4th annual XOXO was surely a success and an unforgettable day for the participants, volunteers, and spectators!

Mahalo to Prana, Maui Surfer Girls, Deep 2 Peak, Flatbread Company Paia, Maui Catering Service, Leeward Farm and to all of the lead and junior coaches for making this possible.

To view and download more images from the event, check out:

Written & photographed by: Ashley Stanulis

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Bye, Bye Mosquitos! Aloha Bug Off!

We’re no strangers to this daunting scenario; you’re outdoors, immersed in the beauty of nature surrounding you when suddenly – swat! – well hi there, mosquito. Leave it to the pesky mosquitos to suck more than just the fun out of your outdoor adventures. They introduce themselves by stealing our blood and leave behind a trace of itchy and irritating bites. Chances are, you are all too familiar with this issue, but Pakaloha Bikinis is here with a solution!

The quick-fix to this mosquito problem is wearing repellent and it’s known that it isn’t pleasant for the mosquitos, but have you every wondered what effects it has on you? What many people are not aware of is the idea that the mosquito spray lining shelves in stores all over the world may actually be harming our bodies more than it is helping us. Mainstream bug sprays are loaded with many ingredients difficult to pronounce and find origins of. To us, this is an alarming sign that the product is not filled with goodness, but rather synthetic, toxic substances. At Pakaloha Bikinis, we believe that if you can’t ingest a product, then you shouldn’t be putting it on your skin. For this reason, we took mosquito matters into our own hands and created an all natural Bug Off, free from unsafe elements.

Pakaloha Bikini’s Bug Off contains citronella, lavender, and peppermint essential oBug Offils, along with filtered water, and a heavy splash of love! Not only does Bug Off kick mosquitoes aside, but it also has a savory scent, while the peppermint oil cools and relieves any previously acquired bites.

We believe that being conscious about all products going on and into our bodies is a major aspect of honoring ourselves and leading a healthy, wholesome life. We wish to assist you in your journey of cleaning up your life, one product at a time. Bug Off is available in all Pakaloha Bikinis locations and online at Sprays are available in two different sizes: 3.5 oz or 8 oz. The 3.5 oz bottle is perfect for traveling, which makes Bug Off a flying friendly essential for your next getaway.

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Pakaloha Loves You!

Pakaloha Hawaii Bikinis

“Pakaloha gives me a sense of belonging. Belonging to a family even though I’m thousands of miles away from mine. -Brianne, Concierge; Maui, HI.”
“It doesn’t fall off!!! -Ariel, Semi pro surfer/Student; Maui, HI.”
“Pakaloha bikinis make my ass look good! -Carey, Artist; Chicago, IL./Maui, HI.”
“I heart my Pakaloha because it was made with love! And it makes my booty stand out from the others. -Kristy, Psychologist; Little Rock, AR.”
“I love the special way it hugs my buns. -Heidi, Real Estate Agent; Maui, HI.”
“It touches me in all the right places. -Jennifer, Massage Therapist; N.Y.C/NY.”
“The color of the fabric is killer. The cut of the suit is perfect. Side ties on the bottoms make them stay-put when I dive in! -Kathy, Mortgage Broker; Santa Cruz, CA.”
“Great quality, exotic prints, island style cuts, the perfect bikini that makes you feel like you are in your own skin, a tropical coat. -Chyan, Student; San Clemente, CA.”
“I love my Pakaloha bikini because it loves my figure! It puts my boobs right where they need to be, flatters my hips, and makes my butt look fantastic! -Sommer, Waitress; Jacksonville, FL.”
“Pakaloha bikinis are sexy and make me feel beautiful, I shine like the sun and that’s what gets me, and my playful suits noticed. -Michelle, Painter/Mom; Maui, HI.”
“Pakaloha Bikinis are fun, sexy, and chic all at the same time. Most importantly the fit is amazing and flatters all body types. I don’t know how Mikey does it! -Haley, Concierge; Maui, HI.”
“What makes my Pakaloha bikini so special is that it looks good and can handle my lifestyle. Whether I’m tanning on the beach or hitting the surf my bikini keeps me looking cute and comfortable. -Katie, Student; Maui, Hi.”
“Pakaloha suits are the hottest ever. Very Sexy! -Colette”
“Beacause they make my ass look fabulous. Thats the reason i buy them! -Jennifer”
“I love the unique styles -Liana”
“Style variety and the comfortable thongs make me keep coming back, plus the colors are so vibrant. -Ivy”
“I like the cuts of the bottoms. Very flattering and wearable -Mirriam”
“Pakalohas suits are very durable, they last a long time! I also love the brazilian cut. Kim Being able to mix atyles, prints, and colors make me keep coming back. I alos love the help the girls give. Malia Colorful Selection and great customer service Stacey Cute stuff. Great prices Kayla Its the hidden gem in lahaina town. always come back when im on the island. Emily Being able to mix and match colors and styles is awesome. -Danielle”