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New Ehukai Tops


‘Ehukai Beach Park, located on the fabled North Shore of Oahu and home of the infamous Banzai Pipeline. In the winter this spot draws surfers and spectators from across the globe to watch the beauty and sheer power these waves create. Known to also be one of the venues for The Triple Crown of Surfing, these massive tubes break over a sharp reef that is right beneath the surface, making it not only challenging, but extremely dangerous. Our Ehukai top was inspired by the beauty and legend behind this surf spot.

Pakaloha Maui BikinisThe Ehukai top is a beautiful strapless bandeau top, with lightly lined cups and a sexy yet functional corset­style tie in the back. Unlike many strapless tops, this top is extremely secure thanks to its design.The stylish ties in the back allow the top to be adjusted to perfectly to fit the shape of every woman's body. We wouldn’t suggest charging any waves in this top, but it looks great paired with our Ehukai bottoms while chilling on the beach or a tide pool enjoying the sunshine!

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New Lanikai Tops

Maui Bikinis

Maui BikinisBraids are Best

Braiding has been a well-known technique for producing useful and decorative textiles for thousands of years, dating all the way back to ancient Egyptian History. Cleopatra sure knew what was up! Did you know that a rope is made three times stronger and more durable when it’s been braided? That’s why mountain climbers ONLY use braided rope to suspend themselves along the steepest of cliffs. Not only is braiding functional, but it is also a beautiful and timeless fashion staple.

Maui BikinisBraids will NEVER go out of style! We here at Pakaloha bikinis have incorporated braiding into our newest and best top yet, the Lanikai ,our beachy bikini babes are absolutely LOVING it! The beautiful braided criss-cross straps wrap comfortably around your body to create a secure and stylish look while holding EVERYTHING in place! With no tying around the neck, you secure it in the back with the cutest braided bow that’s even finished with a gorgeous fringe. Be sure to pick up our newest and most intricately designed top, the Lanikai ,today! You’ll see why Braids are the BEST!

All you need is LOVE and a few great bikinis…

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FLash Tattoos

Flash Tatoos

Attention: Flash Tattoos are the newest craze and the ladies love it. Flash Tatoos3Jewelry inspired temporary tattoos are great for any occasion and the girls at Flash Tattoos have created styles ranging from bohemian, tribal, glam, and beachy. Here at Pakaloha, we’ve jumped on the Flash Tattoo train and we have to admit we love it.Flash Tatoos These beautifully designed temporary tattoos look like sparkling jewelry. You can where them anywhere at anytime in any place. Flash Tattoos are super easy to put on and the best part is YOU get to create your own personalized look. They come with four sheets per package so your creativity is unlimited. We have to admit we love bling with our Flash Tattoos while sporting our cheeky bikini bottoms here at Pakaloha Bikinis. They bring the bling game and the bikini game to a whole new level! Head to any of our Pakaloha Bikinis stores to get your FLASH ON TODAY!

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The Ultimate Adventure Bikini Top

When we think of the perfect bikini top, three things come to mind: Comfortability, Functionality, and Style. At Pakaloha Bikinis we believe that we’ve come up with THE perfect bikini top that has all those things and more! puamanatop-blog3Our Puamana Top is the Ultimate Bikini capable of taking you on any adventure your heart desires! Whether you are hiking in the mountains, surfing a big wave or jumping off cliffs, this bikini top WON’T BUDGE. puamanatop-blog2It has beautiful contoured triangles that are perfectly secured and stay in place no matter what you decide to take on! We recently took a trip to Honolua Bay here on Mau where we explored the magical jungle-like forest, hiked through the valley, and dove amongst the reef in crystal clear blue waters, all while wearing our Ultimate Adventure Bikini Top the Puamana! With it’s crisscrossed back being stylish and secure while taking pressure off of the neck, you can wear this bikini top all day long without feeling tired or uncomfortable. So, the question we want to ask is; where will your bikini take you?

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Introducing Maui Supreme Coconut Oil

Beauty Products

Having healthy, radiant, and glowing skin is just as important as having the perfect bikini. Pakaloha Bikinis discovered a skin care product that all women need to use. We are absolutely IN LOVE with the all natural, made on maui, skin care product called, “Maui Supreme”! Maui Supreme is a EXOTIC blend of coconut oil, Jojoba oil, and Kukui nut oil that does wonders for the body, skin, hair, and face.

Maui SupremeWant to keep those long beautiful locks as healthy as possible? Have a burn and not sure what to use to help relieve the pain and scaring? Looking for a nightly face serum to prevent wrinkles? Going out and want your skin to have a noticable heathly glow? Want to smell as sweet as the luscious tropics? If so, the answer is in this 2oz bottle of Maui Supreme which can travel with you all over the globe. Ladies have been spending hundreds of dollars on skin care products that have ingredients that are harmful for the skin and body. Our Maui Supreme liquid spray is only $12.95. Trust us ladies, we go COCO for COCONUTS because it has proven to give the ladies of the Pacific a healthy mind, body, and soul and Pakaloha Bikinis wants to share it with the world. Click Here to purchase.

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Pakaloha Promo1

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Pakaloha Loves You!

Pakaloha Hawaii Bikinis

“Pakaloha gives me a sense of belonging. Belonging to a family even though I’m thousands of miles away from mine. -Brianne, Concierge; Maui, HI.”
“It doesn’t fall off!!! -Ariel, Semi pro surfer/Student; Maui, HI.”
“Pakaloha bikinis make my ass look good! -Carey, Artist; Chicago, IL./Maui, HI.”
“I heart my Pakaloha because it was made with love! And it makes my booty stand out from the others. -Kristy, Psychologist; Little Rock, AR.”
“I love the special way it hugs my buns. -Heidi, Real Estate Agent; Maui, HI.”
“It touches me in all the right places. -Jennifer, Massage Therapist; N.Y.C/NY.”
“The color of the fabric is killer. The cut of the suit is perfect. Side ties on the bottoms make them stay-put when I dive in! -Kathy, Mortgage Broker; Santa Cruz, CA.”
“Great quality, exotic prints, island style cuts, the perfect bikini that makes you feel like you are in your own skin, a tropical coat. -Chyan, Student; San Clemente, CA.”
“I love my Pakaloha bikini because it loves my figure! It puts my boobs right where they need to be, flatters my hips, and makes my butt look fantastic! -Sommer, Waitress; Jacksonville, FL.”
“Pakaloha bikinis are sexy and make me feel beautiful, I shine like the sun and that’s what gets me, and my playful suits noticed. -Michelle, Painter/Mom; Maui, HI.”
“Pakaloha Bikinis are fun, sexy, and chic all at the same time. Most importantly the fit is amazing and flatters all body types. I don’t know how Mikey does it! -Haley, Concierge; Maui, HI.”
“What makes my Pakaloha bikini so special is that it looks good and can handle my lifestyle. Whether I’m tanning on the beach or hitting the surf my bikini keeps me looking cute and comfortable. -Katie, Student; Maui, Hi.”
“Pakaloha suits are the hottest ever. Very Sexy! -Colette”
“Beacause they make my ass look fabulous. Thats the reason i buy them! -Jennifer”
“I love the unique styles -Liana”
“Style variety and the comfortable thongs make me keep coming back, plus the colors are so vibrant. -Ivy”
“I like the cuts of the bottoms. Very flattering and wearable -Mirriam”
“Pakalohas suits are very durable, they last a long time! I also love the brazilian cut. Kim Being able to mix atyles, prints, and colors make me keep coming back. I alos love the help the girls give. Malia Colorful Selection and great customer service Stacey Cute stuff. Great prices Kayla Its the hidden gem in lahaina town. always come back when im on the island. Emily Being able to mix and match colors and styles is awesome. -Danielle”