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Product Alert: Las Bayadas Towels

As you know, Pakaloha is so much more than a swimsuit brand. Between beach cleanups and community outreach, we take giving back seriously That’s why we carry Las Bayadas beach mats.

If you are wondering why you need a beach mat, when a plain towel works just as well, you are probably not alone. But beach mats do so much more than just a towel.

For one thing, they protect our environment. Sand erosion is a huge problem for Hawaii beaches. As you’ve probably noticed, beach towels bring home more than just fond memories. Hidden between the fibers of your favorite towels comes lots and lots of sand.

With a Las Bayadas beach mat, you don’t have to worry about bringing the whole beach with you. It’s made of recycled cotton, so it’s incredibly soft. And best of all, it contributes to a great cause!

10% of all proceeds go directly to funding scholarships for the Costa Verde International Schools for Mexican students. How awesome is that!

Las Bayadas towels can be found in all of our Pakaloha locations.

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Talk Story with Angelina Yossa

I got to catch up with Team Rider Angelina Yossa, an up and coming shredder from the North Shore of Oahu!  Thanks so much for talking with me, Angelina.  Be sure to keep an eye on this wave rider!


 Where are you from?

I am from the North Shore of O’ahu.

What type of board do you ride?

I ride a shortboard, usually in the 5’4” to 5’6”  range. On bigger days, in the winter, I ride a littAngelinale bit of a bigger board, a  5’8”.

What got you into surfing?

I started surfing when I was 3 because my mom taught me and my sister, so we could do it as a family. I’ve loved it ever since.

Where is your favorite place to surf?

I grew up surfing Haleiwa, and that is my go-to spot, but I also like surfing V-land, Rockies and Ehukai.

Why do you choose Pakaloha?

I choose Pakaloha, because they stay on and they are cute and the styles are great.

What is your favorite surfing-related memory?

I was surfing with my mom, I think I was about 7 or 8, and I just kept saying to her one more wave! Over and over again.


Thanks for chatting with me, Angelina. You can find her on Instagram and tearing up the North Shore in Pakaloha!

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Just in time for a sale… new styles are in!

From now until November 31st 2017, you can save up to 15%-40% on selected items.

  • $19 OFF Ehukai Tops
  • $16 OFF Mini Flowers Pattern
  • For all other non-sale items, enter coupon code cybermonday111 for 15% OFF your cart.

New Style: The Pipeline Bottom
If you’ve been to Oahu’s famous North Shore, you’ve heard of Pipeline surf break: host to wicked waves and epic surf contests. In the spirit of winter, and the return of Haleiwa’s infamous waves, we’ve brought to you a pair of bottoms tailor made for hitting the nearest break.

For you ladies who like things cheeky, the Pipeline has a flattering ruche along the back and a super stylish high cut. And the sides speak for themselves…

And like their namesake, these bottoms are perfect for surfing!

New Style: The Big Beach Top
We also have a new style in our tops. The Big Beach top is designed with support in mind—completely without wires! Larger chested ladies-If you have been searching and searching for a bikini top that provides optimal support while also being flattering and unique…congratulations, your search has ended!

This top is perfect for athletes, with the promise to hold everything in place. Also check out that lacing in the back!

New Style: The Paige Alms Top
This top is named after Paige Alms, our teams top big-wave charger. This tops ties cross in the back creating an “X” across your back, and features a sexy criss-cross pattern in the front. Great for active ladies, this top stays put whether surfing, swimming or playing!

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Talk Story with Alicia Yamada

Alicia Yamada

I was lucky enough to get the chance to catch up with one of our Pakaloha team riders, Alicia Yamada.  Thanks so much for chatting with me, Alicia, and stay tuned for more interviews with our epic team of surfers!

Where are you from?

I was born and live in Lahaina Maui Hawaii! 

What type of board do you ride?

I ride valley isle surfboards or Tokoro surfboards. These boards are shaped in Hawaii by local People of Hawaii, and I appreciate that.

What got you into surfing?

My dad got me into surfing as well as my 2 older brothers … My dad surfs more than me to this day , Actually he surfs more then his 3 kids combined!  …quite the legend!

Alicia Yamada

Where is your favorite place to surf?

My favorite place to surf .. I have quite a few favorite places but if I have to narrow it down to  one.. it would have to be a mystical place that looks fun with no one around! Otherwise .. it’s the bay! Honolua bay of course.. with everyone else and they cuzins!

Why do you choose Pakaloha?

Pakaloha chose me! Hahaha they have great suits and vibrant colors that stay on good while surfing … and Julie is one the most amazing beautiful people in the world!

What is your favorite surfing-related memory?

Each day that I get to surf is a very special memory.. a blessing that I’m sooo grateful for…but I guess when the waves are firing .. and I secretly scared inside .. and my stomach is nervous and I finally get the balls to paddle out.. and actually get in a good rhythm and catch some fun waves .. that’s got to be the best!  Very rewarding and satisfying I must say!

You guys can find Alicia on Instagram and on the island of Maui repping Pakaloha bikinis out on the water!

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How to get ready for Bikini Season

Pakaloha Maui Bkinis

Here in Hawaii, bikini season never truly stops. But that doesn’t mean we don’t fall into funks… You get busy and before you know it, you haven’t been to the beach in a month. And lets face it, sometimes you pick up your favorite bikini and it looks rather, shall we say, small.

Pakaloha is here for you! Don’t feel comfortable in your bikini? Below are my favorite ways to get ready for bikini season:

Turn on the song that makes you feel like you can do anything. Yes that one. The one that makes your attitude grow about 1000%. If you need a new one, I’m currently jamming out to Lizzo’s Good as Hell. Bonus round: windows down in the car, volume up. A round of car karaoke?

Try a new color. Pakaloha has so many good options. Get something that makes you feel unique (I’ve been rocking lavender). Or try a new style. Changing up your look can really get you excited to get out there in your bikini.

Make it an adventure. If you can, pick a new beach to hit up. I know, for a fact, that you have not been to every beach in your area. I’ve been an Oahu resident since birth and I have yet to meet the person who has gone to every beach here. That little beach access you see sometimes from the car? Yeah, go there. If it’s not right, there is probably another beach nearby you can hit up. Or it might be your new go-to spot.

At the end of the day, you want to see a great sunset and get some sand in your hair. We all have moments of doubt and insecurity, but, much like tan lines and sunburn, those are temporary. What lasts forever are the memories we make at the beach.

Just…promise me you’ll wear sunscreen.

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Best places to snorkel in Hawaii

Hawaii Bikinis

Bikinis aren’t just good for relaxing.  Pakaloha bikinis are meant to stay on during all kinds of ocean activities.  One of our favorite things to do at Pakaloha is snorkel and free dive, and Hawaii is the perfect place to do it!

Below are some of the best snorkel spots on the island.

  1. Sharks Cove
  2. Located on the North Shore of Oahu, this cove is a protected nature preserve popular with keiki and scuba divers alike.  The waves can be big in the winter but in the summer this spot can’t be beat!

  3. Hanauma Bay
  4. Hanauma Bay is a famous nature preserve on the Southeast of Oahu.  It’s sea life so a limited number of guests are allowed in at a time.  It’s popular for a reason, and worth a trip for long time residents and first time visitors alike!

  5. Kapalua Bay 
  6. Located on Maui, this spot is a sheltered bay with two different reefs to investigate.  The white sands mean this is a peaceful spot to relax in between dive sessions!

  7. Honaunau Bay
  8. You can find this picturesque spot on the Big Island, where its turquoise waters are protected and the visibility is great most days of the year.  It’s overlooked by Pu’uhonua O Hōnaunau National Historical Park, a great place to learn more about Hawaiian history.  This bay is also known as the City of Refuge…

  9. Poipu Beach Park

Poipu Beach Park on the south side of Kauai is a popular spot of a variety of activities, not just snorkeling.  You will fall in love with the arc of soft sand and the monk seals that sometimes sleep there!

So what are you waiting for?  Grab one of our bikinis, and get going!!

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How to make a bikini last forever

Hawaii Bikinis

Pakaloha bikinis are built to last!  Made with the best lycra, a Pakaloha bikini can last years after you purchase it.  But, as with all things we love, you should take care of your bikini.  Below are a few tips to keep your bikini in ready for the beach!

~After getting out of the ocean or pool, always rinse your bikini with fresh water.

~Always hand-wash your bikini and hang dry.  Never put your Pakaloha bikini in the washer and dryer or iron it.

~If you need to use soap, use an all-natural, gentle detergent.

~Be careful of chemical deodorants and sunscreen—they can stain!

~Check the lining of your bikini!  Fine sand can get caught in the lining.  You can remove it by gently shaking the lining out.

Do you want a bikini that will last forever?  Check out our online shop! We have board shorts too!

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Ocean Safety Tips

Pakaloha Team Rider

It’s almost the end of summer and we’re all excited to get in the ocean. But in between killer Instagram photos and making honu friends there are a few things to keep in mind–

1) Read the signs

The State of Hawaii puts out signs when there are dangerous conditions in the water such as strong currents, dangerous shore break, and even jellyfish! Keep an eye on these warnings and respect them, especially if you aren’t an expert oceanographer (yet).

2) Don’t Go Out Alone

Many of the best beaches in Hawaii don’t have lifeguards, and sometimes we all want to enjoy our own paradise lost. But that doesn’t mean you should throw caution to the wind. Besides, aren’t the best experiences in life shared?

3) Beat the Heat

And hydrate! Always wear (reef safe!) sunblock and remember to reapply. You might not notice the heat getting to you, but you don’t want to come home and find out you’ve burn to a crisp. So get some shade if you need it, and always drink enough water! (POG counts too.)

4) Never Turn Your Back On The Ocean

Especially in winter shore break! Part of what makes the beach so fun is how changing and unpredictable it is. But we also don’t want to get swept away by any rogue waves, do we?

5) Listen to the Life Guard

From their spot on the beach lifeguards can see more hazards than you might expect, including wildlife and dangerous currents. So if you hear them over the megaphone, pay attention! They might even tell you when a monk seal is around…

And finally–

6) When in Doubt, Don’t Go Out

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5 Best Oahu Beaches to Rock Your Bikini (That aren’t in Waikiki)

Maui Hawaii Bikinis

If you’ve ever been to Oahu, you know how lucky we are to have nearly unlimited options for going to the beach. We all know Waikiki Beach for its history and famous skyline, but let’s face it…sometimes the crowds get a little overwhelming. So if you’re looking to explore outside of town, here are the top 5 Oahu beaches to rock your bikini.

Brand Ambassador Sammi (@saltsiren) by Logan Moon (is.moon) wearing the Ehukai no ties bottom and Baby Beach top.
  1. Waimea Bay

Waimea Bay is known for its winter swells, that sometimes reach over 25 feet! But in the summer, when the waves are calm, and it’s the perfect place to float away from your problems. Or, if that sounds too easy, take a leap of faith, jumping off the infamous rock platform on the south side of the bay.

  1. Lanikai Beach

Lanikai means “heavenly sea” and if you drive out to the east side of Oahu, you’ll instantly know why. The soft sand and tranquil blues, that don’t get hit with the same waves that take over the North Shore in winter. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can take a kayak out to the Mokuluas. There’s no telling how far you’ll go!

  1. Sunset Beach

Sunset beach seems to stretch out forever, giving you a panorama view of blue ocean. In winter you can check out a surf contest, and in summer it seems to beckon from the end of the Haleiwa bike path. Get yourself some coconut from a nearby fruit stand (or some pie from Ted’s bakery!) and stretch out here to catch some sun.

  1. Kalaniana’ole Beach Park

Maybe you know this place by the ‘mermaid caves’ that are all over Instagram these days. But did you know you can camp with the proper permit? Located out on the Waianae side of the island, this beach is located near the Ko Olina resort and hosts a stretch of grass for picnic lunches. Acro Yoga anyone?

  1. Ala Moana Beach Park/Magic Island
Magic Island
left to right Promo Girls @uluuu_y in Ehukai with ties bottom| @kels484 in Hamoa bottom| @bikinisofhawaii in Ehukai no ties bottom – taken by @marissaalexandra.

If the thought of H1 traffic is too much, take a break at Ala Moana Beach Park. This beach is also host to Magic Island, and is a focal point for many gatherings and events. Most recently the Hokule’a returned home from her worldwide voyage here, and it’s the perfect spot to watch some Fourth of July fireworks. This beach also features a paved road for jogging and biking, and if you get tired of the beach you can cross the street and go shopping at Ala Moana Shopping Center (although can you get tired of a view like this?)

With so many places to choose from, what are you waiting for? Pack your favorite Pakaloha Bikini and get going!

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10 Reasons To Rock A Pakaloha Bikini This Summer

In a world of infinite bikini options, the hunt for perfect summer swimwear can often feel endless! I want to save your time this season and share why I believe you need not look any further than Hawaii-based swim company, Pakaloha Bikinis.

Here’s 10 reasons I’ll be sporting a Pakaloha Bikini this summer…and why you should too:

Before and after Pakaloha Bikinis

1. Confidence- Carefully designed to celebrate the shape of all women’s bodies, their styles truly enhance our favorite assets and ensure a sense of self-flattery from the moment you look in the mirror.

2. Comfort- Crafted with the intention of encouraging active lifestyles and epic adventures, Pakaloha understands the significance of not only looking good, but most importantly, feeling good. As a result, they deliver styles that rest so easily on the body that even after your adventure ends, you seriously will not want to take them off!

3. Rainbows- From a vibrant rainbow of solids to varying seasonal prints, there’s color choices for everyone! To simply brighten your day, step inside one of their stores, located on Maui and O’ahu, to shop the rainbow and get fitted by their team of bikini experts.

4. Versatility- Some of their designs allow multiple style variations. For example, the Ho’okipa Top can be tied 7 different ways…because who doesn’t love options?

2016 Big Wave Champion, Paige Alms, putting faith in Pakaloha’s tagline “Built For The Barrel”

5. Tan lines- With the cutest cuts and coverage choices, their suits are ideal for bronzing; leaving a trace of a perfect Brazilian bikini.

6. Durability- Tried and trusted by water women around the world, the strength of their bikinis seems incomparable! Constructed out of the best lycra material available, you can count on their bikinis to stay in place on your body. If team rider, Paige Alms, can depend on her Pakaloha while riding down the face of Jaws, I think we can too.

10 years later, this bikini still has its beach days

7. Longevity- Thanks to the strength of materials used, with proper care, their bikinis can be worn season after season. Pictured right is Pakaloha’s owner, Julie, wearing one of the first bikinis they ever created…10 years later!

8. Affordability- Even with the high quality products they’re sharing, they choose to keep prices low in an effort to spread their love as far and wide as possible.

9. Ohana- When you sport a Pakaloha Bikini, you become part of a tribe of women who encourage self-love, strength, and empowerment. Their Hawaii designs are globally unique so if you see a fellow Pakaloha girl, be sure to say hello! By choosing to shop with Pakaloha, you’re also supporting a small business that strives to give back to it’s local communities.

10. Piece of Paradise- As a reminder of your memories made in the tropics, Pakaloha Bikinis are excellent keepsakes to take home from the islands and to bring you back to the land of aloha each time you slip it on.