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Hemp! Hemp! Hooray!

Pakaloha Bikinis Hemp

All hail hemp! Recently making US history hemp is now legal to grow, something a lot of Americans should be celebrating about. Now that hemp has the green light there are so many beneficial things this plant can do in order to help save our planet. Even George Washington has been noted to celebrate the hemp plant by saying, “Make the most of the Indian hemp seed, and sow it everywhere.”

Every hemp plant that is grown can save 12 trees from being cut down. Hemp is so versatile it can be made into almost any product that you can think of such as timber or even better yet, paper.

The hemp plant is also a sustainable resource, unlike coal or other fossil fuels that impact our environment. Switching over to hemp can decrease pollutants in our atmosphere and help us live richer lives with clean air.
Hemp fabric is yet another ideal use for our population. The fabric is 100% non-toxic, extremely strong, durable, keeps its shape and regulates heat well.

A big issue that our society has is plastic and single use plastics. Enter hemp plastic. Hemp plastic is biodegradable and able to reinforce other materials. Our oceans and our lands are becoming over polluted with plastic, not to mention plastic is harmful to our health. Switching over to hemp plastic would be such a victory to our planet.

In light of the recent hemp victory Pakaloha Bikinis now has hemp print bikinis and even board shorts for men. What a great way to celebrate the hemp plant while in a stunning green bikini at the beach. Come on in to one of our four locations or check us out online and see for yourself. What a fun and unique way to show support for a positive way to save our planet. Every little step counts to preserving the beauty and longevity of our Mother Earth.

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Start Your 2019 “Best Self” Checklist

Best Self

Meditation and Yoga- At times, life doesn’t always hand us lemons and the holidays can be a stressful time mentally and physically. Incorporating yoga and even just 20 minutes of meditation into your daily morning routine can work wonders on your mental state and overall sense of calm. Hit your communal yoga space this new year, download a meditation app and melt into your mat and vibrate to your highest frequency.

Get in those Greens- Kale, spinach and chard just to name a few of the high nutrient veggies you should add into your diet this new year, if you haven’t already. Greens provide a multitude of health benefits for a healthy gut, liver support and high fiber. Throw your greens into your morning smoothie, sauté them or you can even bake your kale to make some yummy kale chips. Get creative with incorporating these super greens into your everyday meals.

Find Movement Everyday- Our bodies were meant to move! No matter rain or shine make the effort this new year to take some time out of your work week for movement. Run, dance, jump, swim you name it and your body will thank you. Maybe even practice smiling and let out a little laugh while doing whatever movement you feel called to, it’ll make the experience that much more enjoyable and we promise you will have so much fun.

Practice Gratitude- Creating a gratitude practice is one of the simplest ways to create a more joyful and positive mindset. What a wonderful time to start practicing gratitude in the new year! Just focusing on things you are thankful for can shift the way you think and can really put things into perspective. Take just five short minutes at either the start or end of your day and say three simple things (or more) you are happy for.

Try something new- We can tend to get stuck in a daily routine and before you know it another year has past. Sign yourself up for a painting class, or travel to a place you’ve never been to. There’s so much new out there and it’s just waiting for us to try it out. You’ll be surprised by what you can find- plus changing things up surprises your body as well and challenges it in different ways.

Keep the focus on YOUR well being this holiday season and have fun doing it into the New Year. Pakaloha Bikinis would like to wish all of our beautiful customers Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year and we are so very thankful for each and every one of you! We will see you in your bikini along with your best self!

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Product Love: Big Beach Top

Big Beach Bottom

One key element that Pakaloha Bikinis can stand behind is that we make our bikinis for every woman- no matter your shape nor your size. We truly believe that everyone has their own right to have fun in a bikini on the beach. Pakaloha has just made it that much easier for you to do just that! Introducing our Big Beach Top, designed for women who have a larger cup size- DD and up. With care and consideration, we designed this top to give women optimal support without the need for pads or wires. The Big Beach Top features sturdy straps that do not go around your neck but across your shoulders for more comfort and a corseted tie back to give you the confidence and security you’d look for in a bikini top. The Big Beach Top is ideal for anyone looking for just these things with some style to boot. This top comes in a range of colors and prints, so you can mix and match. Our Big Beach Top has become such a hit for our customers that just so happen to be a little more gifted on the top that we decided to make it in smaller sizes so really it is ideal for any woman to wear. Watch out ladies, this might be your new favorite top.

Pakaloha strives to make women feel comfortable and sexy when wearing our bikinis no matter where or what you are doing. Gone are the treacherous days of bikini shopping once you try on our styles. Come in and have a look for yourself. Our girls in the stores are here to help you have fun, feel beautiful and at ease. You deserve to hit the beach looking your best in your bikini. Come in today an ask about our Big Beach Top, we promise you will not be disappointed.

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Little Hands

Little Hands Sunscreen

Here at Pakaloha Bikinis we strive to educate our customers about the harmful chemicals and effects that many toxic sunscreens carry. These toxic sunscreens are impacting our oceans, marine life, corals and you as well. Many household sunscreen brands contain hormone disrupters and carcinogens that can compromise our health. This is why we are proud to start carrying Little Hands Hawaii in our stores. Little Hands is all natural and made from the finest organic ingredients that not only benefit the health and wealth of you and your o’hana but our environment as well. Created on the Island of Oahu, Little Hands objective is to educate communities on the significance of using a natural sunblock that is safe for everyone while preserving the environment. Something that Pakaloha Bikinis can proudly stand behind!

Little HandsYou can find Little Hands at all Pakaloha Bikini stores. Pakaloha is also participating in toxic sunscreen trade-ins. Hawaii really strives to keep toxic sunscreens off of our reefs. When you come into one of our four locations you can trade in your toxic sunscreen for reef safe sunscreen at 20% off plus an additional 10% off a bikini purchase. Little hands and other reef safe sunscreens that we carry are includ- ed in this promotion. Do something great for yourself and Mother Earth. Come visit us and say aloha, trade in your toxic sunscreen and hit the beach in your bikini with your all natural reef safe sunscreen!

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Pakaloha Bikinis-Good for the Ocean and For You

Aloha Rocks

Here at Pakaloha Bikinis, we believe in doing the best we can for ourselves and our mother ocean.  We make every single one of our choices intentionally to make sure that our products are good for everyone!  That’s why we stay away from microfibers in our clothes.

  • As you know, the ocean is full of plastic, and every day that problem seems to be getting worse.  The American Government has already banned microbeads, but an even larger part of the problem is microfibers.
  • In a recent study at Carleton University, it was revealed that in microplastics recovered from the Ottowa River, only 5% were microbeads, while the other 95% were microfibers.  Microfibers are found in anything from yoga pants, to jackets, to yes, even bikinis.
  • Microfibers in the ocean get into everything: our water, our seafood, and travel up the food chain into whales and dolphins.  Microfibers, while small, can actually cause fish to starve to death.  While small, they can create a feeling of fullness in fish, meaning they don’t eat, which eventually leads to starvation.
  • Many companies feel that by recycling plastic bottles into clothing, they are helping prevent plastic from ending up in the ocean.  While these intentions are noble, they might be unintentionally making things worse.  This plastic ends up in the ocean in smaller sizes, making it more dangerous and harder to isolate in cleanup efforts.

That’s why, here at Pakaloha, we only use lycra and cotton, meant to last for a long time with minimal effects on the environment.  We all want to do what’s best for the planet and ourselves.  That’s why, this surf season, you can grab a new bikini from us guilt-free and hit the waves!

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Pakaloha Wildlife Corner: Dolphin Quiz


Easily the most popular animal in the ocean is the Dolphin. Fun loving, charming, beautiful, intelligent creatures, people from around the world come to Hawaii just to see dolphins!

But how much do you know about dolphins? Test your knowledge with these dolphin trivia questions.

  1. What do you call a group of Dolphins
  • A:A Squad
  • B: A Pod
  • C: A Party
  1. What do Dolphins eat?
  • A. Fish
  • B. Algae
  • C. People
  1. Dolphins are
  • A. Fish
  • B. Reptiles
  • C. Mammals
  1. Dolphins live
  • A. In Rivers
  • B. In The Sea
  • C. All of the Above
  1. How deep can a dolphin dive?
  • A. 500 ft
  • B. 750 ft
  • C. 1000 ft

Answer Key: B. A. C . C . C.

How many did you guess right? Did you learn anything about Dolphins? There are so many more facts to learn about these fascinating creatures. (Did you know they have two stomachs? Me either!) What is your favorite fact? Here at Pakaloha we love these magical creatures. What is your favorite sea animal?

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Pakaloha Wildlife Corner: All About Turtles



When you close your eyes and think about Hawaiian wildlife, what do you see? No doubt, one of the first things that came to mind is the iconic Hawaiian green sea turtle. These peaceful creatures can be seen bobbing around the coral reef and relaxing on sandy beaches.   How much do you know about these wonderful creatures? Let’s find out.

  • The Hawaiian word for Green Sea Turtle is Honu. In Hawaiian culture, they represent wisdom and good luck. They feature in many Hawaiian legends and sometimes come in the form of ‘Aumakua’—a kind of guardian spirit for Hawaiian families.
  • Green Sea Turtles are an endangered species.   While they have recently been making a comeback, they are still a heavily protected species. As such, it is important to respect these ancient creatures. It is illegal to touch a sea turtle, so when you see one swimming by, keep your hands to yourself.
  • Sea turtles are old—like REALLY old. According to National Geographic, the lifespan of a wild sea turtle can be up to 80 years. However, there are many threats to sea turtles, including fishing nets, plastic, and pollution. It is important to pay attention to your plastic use and always remember to recycle to keep waste from reaching the ocean.
  • Sea Turtles come up on land to lay their eggs. When the eggs hatch, the baby turtles make their way to the water on their own. On beaches known to host turtle eggs, it is important to keeps the environment dark. Otherwise, the babies can get confused and go in the wrong direction!
  • If you want to see turtles in Hawaii, you need good eyes and a little bit of luck. They can frequently be found napping on the sand, protected by a swarm of local volunteers. As always, it is important to be respectful of the local wildlife. You can also spot them out in the water out snorkeling! Since turtles are reptiles, not fish, they need to come up to breathe. If you pay attention, you can see their heads popping out of the water!

I hope you’ve found new found respect for one of Hawai’i’s most famous residents!  Next time you see one swimming by, wave hello.  It might just wave a fin right back.


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Bikinis for Kaua’i


With the massive amount of rain that fell over the North Shore of Kaua’i last week, the island needs helping hands from all around. People and animals have been displaced. Homes, schools, roads and businesses destroyed and closed indefinitely.

At Pakaloha Bikinis, we sent along our Aloha through a 24-hour Flash Sale. We donated 20 percent of all our proceeds for the day toward efforts aimed at getting the island back on its feet. The support generated by the sale from both Maui residents and visitors will be used to help victims through their recovery. Our Island State has stuck together during this trying time and will continue to in the future.

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All about that Paige

Paige Alms

We’re proud to announce the new Paige Alms Top and Bottom, available exclusively at Pakaloha Bikinis!

Paige Alms is a 2-time WSL Women’s Big Wave World Champion, and a two-time Pe’ahi Challenge Champion. She grew up on the island of Maui and travels the world year-round pushing the level of women’s surfing to new heights. She loves being in the water everyday whether it be surfing, diving, or just going for a swim.

Paige has exclusively used Pakaloha Bikinis for over 15 years and trust the quality of our products to keep up with her very active lifestyle. She continues to push herself to ride the biggest waves possible and hopes by doing so she can inspire others to push their own limits and live their dreams. Paige believes that empowered women can empower other women, so she trains hard, pushes boundaries, and carries the torch for women in big wave surfing.

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Mermaids 101


Needless to say, Mermaids are having a moment. I’ve been unable to resist snapping up every mermaid shirt around for…three years now… and I’m so glad that everyone else around me seems to have mermaid fever as well.

For the ladies who also want to move under the sea, we at Pakaloha have created a brand new print just for you.

So in honor of Pakaloha’s new print, I’ve put together a brief history of mermaids.

Mermaids have appeared in legends all over the world. From Africa to Asia, women with fish tails have appeared in folktales, myths, and the sailor’s stories for centuries.

The most popular mermaid story is, of course, Hans Christian Anderson’s ‘The Little Mermaid’. We’ve all seen the famous Disney movie, where Ariel trades her voice for a pair of legs. (Bad deal, in my opinion). But how many of you guys have read the super tragic original version? (Spoiler alert: she dies).

The first stories of mermaids are fromermaidddssssm Assyria, about a goddess who took the form of a fish after the death of her mortal lover. (And I thought my last breakup was dramatic!) Even the waters could not hide her divine beauty, so she settled on a compromise and became a mermaid instead.

Many people associate mermaids with their beautiful singing voices…a trait influenced by the Sirens of Greek mythology. Fun fact: Sirens are actually bird women! Known for seducing men with their enchanting voices, they lead sailors to their doom by leading them to sink their boats. Mermaids have also been associated with this, and there are legends of bloodthirsty mermaids lurking off the coast of Scotland, Africa, and Japan! There are also stories of mermaids saving sailors, or teaching humans new kinds of medicine.

But mermaids and sirens are not the only women that live under the water: the Scottish Selkie, the French Melusine, and the Russian Rusalka are only a few varieties of water-dwelling women around the world.

The Selkie is the most famous of these. They are women who turn into seals and live beneath the waves. When they return to their human form on the shore, they leave seal skins behind. They say that if you can find a Selkie’s skin, you will keep the Selkie from returning to the sea. Rumors abound with the tragic stories of fishermen who commit this crime.

Some even say they have seen real mermaids. Sailors claim to have seen mermaids off the sides of their ships for centuries. Many believe that sailors were only seeing manatees or dolphins, and that time away from land had made them…optimistic. As recently as 1842, people believed that mermaids were real, and famous circus operator P.T. Barnum had one! The Fiji Mermaid was displayed in New York for a year before being destroyed in a fire. Mr. Barnum claimed it was a mummified mermaid caught off the coast of Fiji…I have my doubts.

You can order Pakaloha’s mermaid print in any of our amazing styles. What kind of mermaid will you be?