About Pakaloha Bikinis

About Pakaloha Bikinis

Pakaloha Maui Bikinis

Pakaloha Loves You!

At Pakaloha Bikinis, our goal is to provide our customers with a blend of sporty and sexy handmade Brazilian bikinis that celebrate the shape of every woman's body. Pakaloha translates to "raindrops of love", so we guarantee that every suit is handmade with love by a small group of individuals from Brazil using only the best Lycra. (No sweat shops here!) Whether you’re shopping with us online or shopping at our retail stores, we promise our qualified staff will make shopping for the best bikinis in the world more fun and enjoyable!

Pakaloha Maui

Every Pakaloha Bikini:

Is Durable

When cared for, Pakaloha bikinis can be worn season after season. High Quality materials make Pakaloha Bikinis the number one choice among surfers and athletes around the world.

Will Flatter You

Our Bikinis are cut to flatter the female figure, and that means every lovable curve. Whether you on the beach to soak up sun or play in the surf, your Pakaloha Bikini will stay in place and make you look great.

Is Affordable

High Quality and High Fashion too often mean high cost. Pakaloha Bikinis are priced low to make it easier for us to spread the love!

Our history

The Bikini Is Created

Although archaeological evidence points to the existence of the bikini long before the twentieth century, documented history of the modern bikini begins the summer after the close of World War II. As France recovered from the reeling effects of the war on its home soil, Jacques Heim, a fashion designer from the popular beach resort of Cannes, was busily working on his latest style invention, a two-piece swimsuit of a very revealing nature. Heim debuted his creation in a local beach shop in the early summer of 1946. He named the swimsuit the “Atome” in honor of the recently discovered atom, the smallest particle of matter yet detected. He then sent skywriters over Cannes’ beaches, announcing that the Atome, “the world’s smallest bathing suit,” was now available for purchase (Lencek & Bosker 1989).

Heim may have become more than just a small footnote in the bikini’s history if it were not for the timely invention and superior christening skills of a French mechanical engineer turned swimsuit designer, Louis Reard. Just three weeks after Heim unveiled his Atome creation, Reard brought out a remarkably similar swimsuit to be sold along the French Riviera. His swimsuit also contained just two scant pieces of cloth that revealed a woman’s back and navel for the first time in the modern era. Reard named his swimsuit the “bikini,” taking the name from the Bikini Reef, one of a series of islands in the South Pacific where testing on the new atomic bomb was occurring that summer (Lencek & Bosker 1989). Historians assume Reard termed his swimsuit the “bikini” because he believed its revealing style would create reactions among people similar to those created by America’s atomic bomb in Japan just one summer earlier. Whether this was his true reason or not, the bikini name stuck, and Reard went down in history as the inventor of the popular two-piece swimsuit.

Pakaloha Bikinis Opens In Lahaina

Pakaloha Bikinis first opened for business in 2005, on the shores of sunny Lahaina, Maui. We're still at our original location on Front Street, making Maui sexier one suit at a time!

Pakaloha Goes International

We started offering our Bikinis online in 2010, and have extended our customer ohana (family) to places like South America, Canada, France, New Caledonia, Japan, Germany, Switzerland, Australia, and so many more! We're so proud to be loved by so many people all over the world. You're all beautiful!

Paia Store Opens On Maui

North Shore residents and visitors alike welcomed our Paia store with open arms in 2011. We love Paia for its special vibe, and of course for having some of the biggest and most incredible surf on the island. You might catch Team Rider Paige Alms picking out a new suit after surfing huge waves at Ho'okipa.

Haleiwa Opens On Oahu

Our Oahu location is in Haleiwa town, and we couldn't be more stoked! The North Shore of Oahu is an incredible place, offering gorgeous beaches and the world's most sought-after waves. Funny...since opening our doors in 2014, more and more Pakaloha suits have found their way onto some of Oahu's most beautiful and talented female athletes!

Present Day

We're still making the world a sexier place from our home base in Hawaii. No matter where you are, placing an order for a new bikini is fast and easy. We hope to hear from you soon!